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Moisture is the number one enemy that could seriously damage your gate system. It could cause rust and make your posts rotten, dragging in dirt. Sometime rust is seen clearly otherwise it is hidden in some internal parts and continually effect the functioning of gates. It is mandatory to have a check on all parts of the gate regularly to avoid any sort of accident. Always apply lubrication or paint to keep your gate protected. The lubrication is must to soften the handles as well. Maintenance service must be scheduled on a regular basis to keep your gate functioning in best possible way.

Gates that are run by electric power must always be checked for any sort of machine malfunction. Before you touch anything on the motor, however, you must turn off the power source first. If the electric wiring is damaged, you must call a professional immediately. Never try to neglect any electrical issue as it can lead towards serious accident.

A sagging gate usually has alignment issues, according to our gate specialists. If the posts are rock solid, it will open and close easily, swinging smoothly. When you encounter a problem with sagging, check for rots or insect invasion on the posts or if the latch does not catch. Such problems should be handled with great care.

Before you try any repair technique, make a thorough inspection of your gate system first. Determine if the malfunction is mechanical or physical. Most mechanical and physical issues, especially when you need a specialized equipment, are best left with a pro.

Listen to our gate repair experts’ take on this. The frequency of need for gate repair service depends well on usage. This is also a contributing factor as to how often you will need to change your machine’s batteries. Normally, they die out within two to four years.

They can cause very severe injuries or even death at the moment. Such injuries can put the body in trauma for very long period of time.

It is mainly due to improper installation of gate system. Sometimes it is because of extreme weather conditions which become unbearable for gates. Also vehicular pressure outside the gate can cause damage to it. Many times it is seen that broken or defected gates are ignored for longer period of time. As a result of this neglectness, they can cause severe harm.

If your gate is installed today, it must remain in good condition for 15 to 20 years from now. It would require service from routine and proper maintenance. This time span is an estimation , it can be changed in case of some exceptional scenarios

Installation of electricity based equipment would definitely change your bills. But there is a misconception that electric gates take too much power. In fact it is different for all modes of gate. If your gate is on stand by , it would consume almost 100 watts of electricity in a day. But if gate is active, this value would increase to 700 watts of electricity per day.

Yes, it is possible. Sometimes there is power issue and you are unable to operate gates electrically. It does not mean that you are stuck unless electricity is back. In such cases, you can use keys provided to you at the time of installation. With such keys you can easily open or close gate as required.

It is usually estimated during site survey of the company. It depends on how long it would take power cables to reach the main. Also type of control gate system indicates the time required. But usually it takes one or two days for domestic gates.

If you are automating an existing manual gate then it wont require certain permission. But if you are going for a new gate, then most often permission is required. So it is always best to contact your local council first before proceeding further.

Actually there are several options for it. Mostly they are operated by radio remote control fob keys. Other options include internal release buttons and numeric key pads. You can choose which method suits you best.

Yes of course. This is the reason most people opt for these gates. This remote control system works best within your cars. It saves you from extreme weather conditions and also make you safe from car robbery.

Though cost vary from gate to gate, but it is usually calculated on the basis of two factors. One is type of gate and second is amount of groundwork involved

It is usually decided when we sit with our customers and provide them complete guidance. Mostly following options are considered

  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Aesthetics
  • Type of automation required

Yes in most of the cases, piers are old and not constructed with aim of automated gates installation. In such cases we always recommend strengthening of piers before installation.

It depends on many factors. First of all, quality of components really matter. Then external conditions like environmental factors affect the reliability.

If the system is checked and maintained properly, then obviously these gates would last for a longer span of time.